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Membership Categories


Working Press

Currently working in a full-time capacity for established news medium. Authors of distinguished works of journalism.

Resident: $85.00 per year. The requirement is full-time employment in reporting, preparing or supervising the preparation of news.

Non-U.S. Resident: $50.00 per year.

Retired: $50.00 per year. The requirement is former full-time employment for a minimum of five consecutive years; if not consecutive, minimum of ten years; not presently employed.

$150.00 per year. Persons NOT currently employed in a full-time working press capacity, in an established news medium.

Applicants for associate membership must have previously accumulated a minimum of three years of full-time employment in a journalistic capacity or news organization.

Public information and public relations representatives currently employed in a full-time capacity.

$175.00 per year. Affiliate membership is extended upon invitation of the Board of Directors, to those whose business or professional work involves close relationship to or interest in the field of journalism; also diplomatic service or other government officials whose association with the IPCC will advance its objectives.

$25.00 per year. Students of journalism or related discipline, under 25 years of age.


Make checks payable to International Press Club of Chicago, and send, together with application, to the club office postal address:

International Press Club of Chicago
300 N. State Street 2928
Chicago IL 60610-4817


News media include recognized and regularly established news agencies, newspapers, press syndicates, broadcasting or television networks or stations, magazines which maintain regular and independent news and/or feature coverage. It does not include promotional publications or house organs of any government, organization or movement.



Associate Member





Affiliate Member




Student Member

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